At the MhalaMhala Foundation, we look to Jehovah Jireh—the Lord our Provider. Therefore, all we have belongs to Him. Sacrificial and cheerful giving honors the LORD, and we seek to steward every gift entrusted to us with the fear of God.

Your donation will be invested toward the following:

• Missionary Support (travel & living expenses)
• Hospitality House (development of ministry property for hosting ministers)
• Talitha Cumi (training seminars, conferences, special events, curriculum, materials)
• Teacher Training (training seminars, materials)
• Freedom Has a Sound (recording materials, musical instruments, publications, distribution)
• Benevolence (assisting with various needs encountered during ministry)

We thank you on behalf of those whose lives will never be the same because of your generosity.

The MhalaMhala Foundation is a non-profit organization with a 501C3 tax-exempt status. All donations are tax-exempt.

Donate today with PayPal!

When using PayPal, please observe the following:

1.) PayPal is a safe channel to use to donate online.

2.) You must sign up and save your credit card information on their sight.

3.) After you have opened an account with PayPal which can be used to make purchases or donations to other receivers in the future, click on the tab, “Summary,” then “Pay or Send Money,” then “Pay for Goods or Services.” When you arrive at this page, please enter our email:, type in the amount of your donation, and make a note in the space provided if you wish to designate it. It’s as simple as that!

Or, checks can be made payable to MhalaMhala Foundation. 15801 Shadow Mountain Dr, Edmond, OK, 73013

Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over! For the measure with which you give, you shall receive in like measure.
–Jesus Christ, Luke 6:38