Invite Jubilee

Jubilee Yocum is a full-time missionary with the MhalaMhala Foundation and serves as its Founder and President. She has been serving in Africa for seven years from training with Youth With A Mission in South Africa, coming alongside local Christian school initiatives in Mozambique and Cameroon, facilitating leadership training, having a variety of ministry experience across Africa, Asia, and South America to simply living among the people right in the middle of the rawness of real life in these developing parts of the world.

She is also the Founder and Coordinator of Talitha Cumi, first launched from Mozambique, and the author of the Talitha Cumi Curriculum. The training and experience facilitating with the International Leadership Institute have greatly contributed to this initiative. God has given her an assignment to reach young ladies around the world with the gospel and practical skills for a way of life.

Jubilee is a teacher of teachers and holds a Masters in Educational Administration with a passion to train and practically support teachers toward excellence–especially those most challenged in developing countries.

She is now busy developing MhalaMhala’s newest project—Freedom Has a Sound—with a Bachelors in Vocal Music Education and experience in choral conducting, vocal coaching, songwriting, leading praise and worship, and writing and performing dramas such as pantomime, human video, monologues, and more.

Jubilee finds that her greatest joys include winning souls, counseling, teaching, and being used and unconditionally loved by her Redeemer. She has found an incomparable joy that is always on the other side of obedience to God’s voice (even at the loss of all things) and much prefers the heart-pounding adventures of walking by faith to simply fitting preconceived notions of what life “should be” like. She also loves inspiring churches to get involved in missions by going, sending, and praying.

“I’ve known Jubilee since God first planted the dream of Africa in her heart. She has walked with God with consistency, faithfulness, and absolute determination. Jubilee knows Jesus and I know her greatest desire is to reach the lost. She’s made so many sacrifices already to serve others and God. Her focus on obtaining the education and experience to lead this ministry has impressed me and prompted me to contribute as well. She inspires me by her example and I am confident her ministry will reach many people for Christ.”

–Kristen Wagonner, Senior Vice President of U.S. Legal Division, Alliance Defending Freedom