Talitha Cumi

“Why trouble the Master any longer? The girl is dead.” And Jesus took her by the hand and said, “Talitha Cumi,” meaning, “Damsel Arise!” — Mark 5


Our mission is to empower girls to challenge oppressive circumstances with dignity, integrity, creativity, and leadership from a Biblical worldview. In every girl is a woman, and in every woman is a girl. We train women in local churches to mentor girls in their community through a program that speaks to the spiritual needs as well as fundamentals for establishing a healthy way of life. This includes the support to avoid the pitfalls every young girl is faced with, such as adolescent pregnancy and HIV which may come as a result of a number of pressures. The training seminars, women’s conferences, and girls groups are bringing hope and confidence to the girls and women of Africa and calling out the leaders within. And one by one, together we are rising!

Start TC in your area

Our goal is for every girl to realize her potential. This is why we are working to make Talitha Cumi available to as many communities as possible. “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27). The urgency now is to train and mobilize mentors to reach more areas. What about you? If you are interested in starting a TC ministry in your church, community, or country or wish to volunteer in this ministry please contact jubilee@mhalamhala.com for more information or elsa.zunguze@hotmail.com within Mozambique.

Our structure

Talitha Cumi, founded and coordinated by Jubilee Yocum, is an extension of the MhalaMhala Foundation. While TC is quickly expanding to new countries, it was first born and registered in Mozambique, Africa where a locally established Board of Directors oversees the organization.

Elsa Zunguze, known as, “Elsa Aurora,” serves as Talitha Cumi’s President and a founding member. Born in Maputo, Mozambique with a family background of pastors and church leaders, Elsa also accepted the call to work for God’s Kingdom as an evangelist, training leaders, and serving the church by developing programs to help others in need. She is a member of the United Methodist Church (UMC) where she currently serves as the Local and Annual Conference Secretary. She was also nominated as the UMC Leader of Young Adults for five consecutive years.

Elsa received leadership training in 2008 from the International Leadership Institute (ILI). For the last nine years she has been coordinating all the ILI training activities in Mozambique and Angola, with more than 1700 Christian leaders trained in Mozambique and Angola.
She has studied at Maputo Commercial School, Institute of Management Education, and is still completing studies in Theology through the UMC. She also has seventeen years of experience in Accounting as well as Risk and Compliance.

Elsa looks to Arlindo Simbine and Pastor Andre Malombe as her life coaches. She is particularly passionate about the local church, education programs and enjoys training Christian leaders in Mozambique and other places around the world. Outside of church, Elsa can be found baking, singing, or reading something about leadership. Elsa and her better half, Delfim, have one daughter – Ashley.

Elsa can be reached for Talitha Cumi inquiries at: elsa.zunguze@hotmail.com